Image by West Midlands Police

A freedom of information request made by Driving Test Success to the DVLA has brought up some extremely concerning statistics on newly qualified young drivers.

The document sent to us shows that 11,119 newly qualified young drivers (aged between 17 to 25) had their licence revoked or banned from driving in just one year alone. Males accounted for 82% of these with more 17 year old male drivers disqualified from driving than all 17 to 25 year old females.

The statistics show a direct correlation between how young a newly qualified driver is and how much a percentage they make up of the total.

Age Male Female Total
17 2,028 397 2,425
18 1,582 361 1,943
19 1,129 240 1,369
20 974 223 1,197
21 849 157 1,006
22 752 168 920
23 698 153 851
24 631 138 769
25 514 125 639
Total 9,157 1,962 11,119

This has caused some people to raise questions about the minimum required age for driving, a debate that has been going on for a very long time.

The most common offence across these disqualified drivers was driving whilst uninsured making up almost a third of these statistics.

The next most common offence that resulted in a ban was driving whilst over the alcohol concentration limit, accounting for just over a quarter of these figures.

Some may be surprised to find that speeding offences were third most common and not the most prevalent amongst the offences.

This information has many in the driver training professions asking what more can be done to educate and promote safe and responsible driving.


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