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Think about it, under one hour a month and your social media marketing is running smoothly in the background, giving you time to concentrate on the practical aspects of your profession. Exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Firstly, what do we mean by automation? Simply put, automation is scheduling actions (in this case posts/tweets) in advance so you do not have to do them individually.

In this quick guide we’ll be referring to Facebook and Twitter as they’re the dominant social media channels.

The guide will be broken up in three parts; channels, content sourcing and scheduling.


Simply put, channels refers to the place you put your content. In this guide, we’ll be referring to Twitter and Facebook. So before you start you’ll need to create a Twitter account and Facebook Page if you already don’t have these.

Content Sourcing

This step refers to finding content for you to post. You’ll need to find 30 pieces of content to schedule in. This may sound daunting and perhaps when you first do this you may find it a tough task but it really isn’t. Here are some great ways of finding content for you to post on your Facebook and Twitter pages: – we have hundreds of fantastic articles on learning to drive from the practical aspects to theory

Driving Test Success YouTube – on our YouTube channel we have some great videos on the theory test and driving

Google News Search – clicking this link will bring up news articles that refer to the driving test

YouTube Videos – this link takes you to a search on YouTube of driving manoeuvres

Twitter – link straight to our tweets on Twitter. We’re always tweeting about driver training!


The quickest and easiest tool for scheduling posts and tweets is Buffer. To get set up simply click this link and select Sign in with Twitter or Sign in with Facebook. From there you can start to copy and paste the links to the pieces of content you have found. Remember to put something informative too; for example:

Struggling with Bay Parking? Check this video out

All you have to do now is click on ‘Add to schedule’ and this will schedule this post for you.

The final thing you will need to do in Buffer is to click on the Schedule tab and select how often you want to have your posts scheduled. For your first time, we recommend once a day.

And that’s it. In under an hour you’ve got all your social media marketing wrapped up for the month! Remember, next month it’ll take a lot less time to do this as you’ll already have your accounts set up.



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