The DVSA have just published the interim response to the Modernising Driver Training consultation. This document discusses the results from the participants surveyed as well as interim decisions made.

1. An overwhelming majority of consultation participants agreed that a vocational qualification should replace the current qualifying tests. A total of 69% agreed (19% strongly agreed, 34% agreed and 16% slightly agreed). Less than 4% of people said that they believed that the current system was perfectly adequate and did not need changing. However  there are no immediate plans for a vocational qualification to replace current qualifying tests. Instead the DVSA will be looking at this for the future, which neither confirms or shuts down this route.

2. 74% of consultation participants agreed that the existing ADI qualification route needed improving. Of the common written responses was the view that trainees should be allowed to teach real fee paying pupils in some firm.

3. Only Part 3 of the ADI Assessment will be updated, with the DVSA acknowledging that improvements to Part 2 would deliver some benefits but would be more cost effective to introduce the new test of continued instructional ability (The Standards Check).

4. There will not be any introductions of ‘Civil Sanctions’ for ADI’s, despite 71% of respondents being supportive of introducing civil sanctions. The complexity of the ADI industry (micro businesses and sole traders) would make the implementation of such civil sanctions difficult to implement.

5. An online booking system for the Standards Check will be introduced. The introduction of this will coincide with the restructuring of ADI fees, where there would be separate fees for ADI registration, the standards check and fit & proper check ahead of renewal.

The full document can be downloaded or accessed here.


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