We all remember at some point in primary school having a policeman, fireman or even the lollipop lady come in to class to talk to us about road safety. It is certainly true that these lessons have potentially saved the lives of many of our younger generation however could road safety awareness be improved further?

Some driving instructors are raising the question of why their key skills, experience and knowledge are not being utilised in schools when they are often the best placed people to speak about road safety. Would somebody from the police really be more qualified to educate children on road safety?

This question was raised in a National Associations Steering Group meeting last year. Of the various barriers towards ADIs teaching road safety awareness in schools, the most workable idea seems to be where ADIs could deliver extra-curricular activities with schools; rather than within the existing school curriculum.  This idea is one that apparently is supported by the Department of Transport.

Driving Instructors feel that the added value they have if they were to deliver road safety awareness lessons, is that they are able to help the children understand and see things from the perspective of a driver. Aspects such as what a car driver looks out for when driving through a road to ascertain whether somebody wants to cross the road could, potentially, help further reduce road traffic accidents involving pedestrians.

Have you contacted local schools in your area to offer your time and expertise in road safety? How successful have you been?


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