Driving Instructors all over the UK have been hotly debating the proposed changes to the driving test, set to be the biggest shake up in 20 years.

We pull together all the facts you need to know as a driving instructor.

1. The new driving test is officially at trial stage

20 driving test centres across the UK have been selected to trial the new driving test but only for pupils whose driving instructor has signed up for the trials. You can get a full list of the test centres by clicking here.

2. You can still apply to be part of the trials

Even if this is the first you have heard about the new driving test you can still sign up to take part in the trials. The only restriction is that you must cover one of the 20 selected locations.

3. Introduction of using navigation systems

With the rise of sat navs in people’s cars the new driving test will be assessing how a person on test can drive under instruction from a navigation system. This will no doubt assess a driver’s ability to listen to commands and to make important decisions about whether or not they should act on those instructions.

4. Scrapping of turn in the road and reverse around a corner

The new driving test aims to scrap the turn in the road and reverse around the road manoeuvres with more commonly used ones in every day driving. These will include reversing out of a parking bay or pulling up on the left or right before rejoining traffic.

5. Independent driving section to be increased

The new driving test will see the independent driving section increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. This will no doubt better assess a person’s ability to drive safely and confidently on their own.

6. On the move questions

Test candidates will be asked safety questions whilst on the move as oppose to right at the start of the test. These questions could involve things such as operating windscreen wipers and usage of indicators.

7. Nothing is set in stone

The new driving test is only at trial stage so nothing is set in stone. These are all elements that they are trialling out. Some, all or even none could be implemented.



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