My trusted fellow ADI Chris Benstead and I have a slight disagreement over the use of eye mirrors. By being able to watch my pupil’s face as they are driving I can see all manner of expressions crossing their faces and this allows me to have a much better understanding as to their thinking and also their feelings to the situations they are in. Chris alternatively feels that an eye mirror is not necessary to do this.

You may have heard about VARK or even VAKA in the recent months with the introduction of buzzwords such as ‘Coaching’ (a word I absolutely hate, but that is another article in itself). One of the ways that can help you to spot if someone is a Visual learner, an Auditory learner, a Kinaesthetic learner or an Audio Digital learner is by studying how they breathe (for more on this I’d recommend that you come on our Introduction to NLP course as we go into it in a lot more detail).

By using an eye mirror you can more easily see how they are breathing and more importantly IF they are breathing without the pupil thinking you’re weirder than you actually are.

A lot of pupils will hold their breath when they approach tricky situations. This can cause endless issues (ultimately death). We all need oxygen to function and if we hold our breath it can increase the amount we panic helping us to lose control of the situation we are in.

By increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood stream you are able to focus more clearly, this obviously has massive benefits when it comes to taking on new information. On top of this your body’s cells can more efficiently generate energy and even by taking to slow deep breaths you can feel more awake.

Next time you are in the test centre and you have a very nervous pupil who is freaking out, Get them to breathe in and out very slowly. More importantly get them to exhale for twice as long as they inhale. For example if they breathe in as you count to 3 they should breathe out as you count to 6.

This naturally slows down the heart rate and therefore causes less stress and panic in the pupil. They may laugh at you when you suggest this but getting them to laugh is always a good thing in times of stress. Give it a try and see what happens.

In the next article I will continue this topic and discuss how an eye mirror can help you with reading your pupil’s  body language.


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