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As a driving instructor you are a shop and your lessons are your product. Pure and simple.

Why see yourself in this simplistic and perhaps slightly dehumanising way?

The answer is because your goal is to increase profits. Thinking in cold economic terms removes the internalised obstacles we put on ourselves. We all know these internalised anxieties, ‘am I worth it’ ‘would they really pay more for me’ etc.

So, to our analogy, as a shop you have many competitors that sell the same product as you. This may or may not be accurate but to the eyes of your customers this is the reality that they live in. You are one shop of many in the area that sells the exact same product.

When customers are faced with this scenario they make decisions based on pure cost terms. After all they have nothing else to compare on. We all do this. If we’re purchasing a necessity product that is the same no matter where we buy it from we automatically will be swayed purely by price competition.

Your job, as a shop, is to demonstrate to potential customers that your product is not the same as everybody else’s. This is precisely what companies do and spend millions on year in year out. No profit making business wants to compete on price so they spend a large amount of resources in educating customers that their product is different from the rest.

So, the key question you have to ask yourself here is, what makes my product unique? What makes your driving lessons different to anybody else’s?

The answer isn’t ‘my lessons are better’. The fact of the matter is your product (driving lessons) will achieve the same as all your competitiors- a passed driving test. Remember, this may or may not be accurate but to the eyes of your potential customers is the reality that they see.

So again, ask yourself, what makes your product unique?

Lets get down to the raw and tangible basics and work our way up from there.

For example:

  • you teach in a Ford Fiesta
  • your car is automatic
  • your car is a 1.2 litre
  • your car is a diesel

Whilst this may seem silly to list it is important that you do so. You are forcing the potential customer to see that you are different to other products because at the very least you give information about your features.

Can you imagine having to decide between a product that simply says:

  • Product A: This is a banana.
  • Product B: From the Bahamas the B Banana has vitamins A and B.

Simply by listing a couple of features we’ve made Product B more attractive.

So let’s take this analogy to driver training. Which is most likely to convert a potential customer:

  • Bob’s Driver Training: Pass your driving test. Covering Bordersley area.
  • Michelle’s Driver Training: You will learn in a Ford Fiesta that’s been chosen specifically for learner drivers to best match the car you will be driving when you pass. The 1.2 litre engine will make sure you’re prepared to be able to drive a car that’s in your insurance bracket. Being an automatic car you don’t have to worry about gears or clutches.

Now that we’ve made our product a far more attractive proposition to a potential customer they are far more likely to pay more for your product than anybody else’s.

By demonstrating to learner drivers who need to find a driving instructor that you’re not just another driving instructor just offering driving lessons like every other driving instructor in the area. You are demonstrating that you are offering something unique or at the very least different to everybody else.

Find out what your key product differentiator is from your competition and make that your selling point. We’ve shown it can be something as simple as what car you have. It can be something about you. For example have you got a lot of experience? Do you specialise in people struggling with nerves? Are you a female instructor?

Once you can demonstrate to potential customers that you have a product that is different from the competition you will no longer have to compete on price. If you aren’t demonstrating anything unique or different about your product then the only decision you’re asking potential learners to make is are you the cheapest.


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