We would all like to earn that little bit extra while helping our pupils to succeed with their driving but sometimes it can be a struggle to see how we can do this without increasing our prices.

There are a few ways you can add that little bit extra to your bank balance without charging more for your lessons. It’s called ‘Passive Income’ and it’s a system which earns you money with minimal work and you can even be paid while you sleep!

Let’s look at some examples…

If a builder has a customer who needs a plumber, the builder may have a colleague he can recommend and in return gets a referral or recommendation fee. Most ADIs already do this to help boost their Word of Mouth Advertising. My recommendation on this is to organise a bank transfer to send your pupils £20 rather than giving it to them in cash or as a free lesson as this is more likely to be seen as a business expense in the eyes of HMRC. It is advertising after all, and therefore tax deductible.

How can this work for you?

Firstly you could set up a scheme whereby you ‘sell’ any spare leads to your fellow ADIs and they pay you a fee after the pupil has had say four lessons. A further development on this idea is to take on a second (third, fourth, you get the idea) ADI as a franchisee. This will give you a regular income and allow you to grow your brand while earning a little bit extra for your efforts and save your franchisee from having to do the work themselves.

Another way to make that little bit extra is to form links with local businesses close to you that offer services or products suited to your customers. An example of this would be an agreement with a local car dealership that sells cars in the £200 – £3000 price range where by you get a commission per sale of a car. Additionally these cars would need servicing and repairing so get in touch with a local independent garage and set up a similar scheme (it can work both ways so you pay them for every pupil and you might get cheaper servicing etc).

One of the easiest ways is to help your pupils find insurance for a car while they are practising their driving outside of their lessons with you. Collingwood, Marmalade, National Learner Driver Insurance (NLD) and others all provide a provisional driver insurance which will enable your student to practice in a friend or relatives car without risking the owners no claims discount.

Another albeit less profitable way to earn some extra dosh is though referral schemes. Dropbox, moo.com, Driving Test Success and many other service providers all offer a scheme whereby they will give you money, or money off for referring a new customer.

These are just a few of the ways that you can earn money with very little effort, a great way to supplement your existing cashflow.


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