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Presents for Teenagers: Online Learner Driver Training Gift Card

Teenagers can be tricky to buy for at the best of times. Whether you’re a parent, older relative or even a friend, you want them to have what they want, but also to have something that will benefit them long after the celebrations are over. This is where the DTS Anytime Giftcard from Driving Test Success comes in.

The DTS Anytime Giftcard is an ideal present for someone who hasn’t yet started learning to drive or has even started their lessons. Their giftcard entitles them to 6 months unlimited access to everything they could need to become a skilled and qualified driver outside of lessons.

The 6 months access only begins once the card is activated online and will provide the recipient with:

– All the OFFICIAL theory test revision questions, answers and explanations

– Hundreds of video clips to practise their hazard perception skills

– Complete access to a digital copy of the Highway Code

– Practical driving videos that include the essential manoeuvres to pass a driving test

– Plus much more!

The perfect present for teenagers or young relatives are hard to come by which is why we at Driving Test Success launched the DTS Anytime Giftcard.

Get yours today simply by clicking here or on the banner below!

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Don’t Throw Away Your Paper Counterpart Just Yet!

You may have heard that the DVLA are abolishing the paper counterpart of the driving license. This is indeed true however it hasn’t and isn’t happening just yet. The DVLA themselves have confirmed in a press release that the Paper Counterpart of Driving Licenses will not be abolished until 8th June 2015.

Some newspapers and websites are reporting that the paper counterpart is no longer needed, this is incorrect.

If your Theory Test is booked any time before the 8th of June 2015 you must have your paper counterpart with you otherwise you will not be able to sit your theory test.

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Booking and Cancelling Theory & Practical Driving Tests over Christmas 2014


Booking tests

You have to book tests either by 9pm online or by 6pm over the phone (by 4pm on 24 and 31 December), at least 1 clear working day before the test.

Test date Last date to book online Last date to book by phone
Wednesday 24 December Monday 22 December Monday 22 December
Saturday 27 December Tuesday 23 December Tuesday 23 December
Sunday 28 December Friday 26 December Wednesday 24 December
Monday 29 December Friday 26 December Wednesday 24 December
Tuesday 30 December Sunday 28 December Wednesday 24 December
Wednesday 31 December Monday 29 December Monday 29 December
Friday 2 January Tuesday 30 December Tuesday 30 December
Saturday 3 January Thursday 1 January Wednesday 31 December
Sunday 4 January Friday 2 January Friday 2 January
Monday 5 January Friday 2 January Friday 2 January
Tuesday 6 January Sunday 4 January Friday 2 January
Wednesday 7 January Monday 5 January Monday 5 January

Cancelling tests

If you want to cancel a test, you must do so either by 11:40pm online or by 6pm over the phone (by 4pm on 24 and 31 December), at least 3 clear working days before the test.

Test date Last date to cancel online Last date to cancel by phone
Wednesday 24 December Friday 19 December Friday 19 December
Saturday 27 December Sunday 21 December Friday 19 December
Sunday 28 December Monday 22 December Monday 22 December
Monday 29 December Monday 22 December Monday 22 December
Tuesday 30 December Tuesday 23 December Tuesday 23 December
Wednesday 31 December Friday 26 December Wednesday 24 December
Friday 2 January Sunday 28 December Wednesday 24 December
Saturday 3 January Monday 29 December Monday 29 December
Sunday 4 January Tuesday 30 December Tuesday 30 December
Monday 5 January Tuesday 30 December Tuesday 30 December
Tuesday 6 January Thursday 1 January Wednesday 31 December
Wednesday 7 January Friday 2 January Friday 2 January

Contacting DVSA over Christmas

You can still use the telephone fast track service to contact DVSA over the festive period.


Changes to the 2015 Hazard Perception Test

**UPDATE** The DVSA have today (9 January 2015) announced that the new Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) hazard perception clips will be introduced into all tests from Monday 12 January 2015.

Leading the way in learner driver products, Driving Test Success has already released the new CGI Hazard Perception app so you can practise the new style clips on the device of your choice (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry).

The new CGI videos included in the app are licensed directly from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (the people who set the test), so you can be confident that you’re revising from clips that accurately simulate the new style test.

As well as the official CGI revision clips, the app comes with professional commentary that will help you to understand how each of the hazard develop and how you can achieve top marks.

One customer said, “Really impressed with just how clear the video clips in this app are. The feedback given when you practise is extremely helpful too.  Highly recommended!”

Download the app and practise the new Hazard Perception CGI clips:





Key features:

  • Practise the 10 brand new official revision clips from The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – the people who set the tests.
  • Receive immediate feedback after each clip to find out how well you scored.
  • Built in cheat detection system that accurately replicates the OFFICIAL DVSA Test.
  • Review each clip to discover where the hazard occurred and where the maximum score could have been achieved.
  • Keep a track of your progress to see how well you are doing.
  • Detailed advice centre backed up with dedicated customer support



Gifts for Teenagers: the Driving Test Success Gift Card

It can be difficult to find a present for older teenagers. Asking them what they want can often lead to grunts of ‘dunno’ or ‘money’.

A lot of the time, when buying gifts for young people we want to make sure that we buy them something that fits all three of these things:

– something that they want

– that they will appreciate

– will benefit them for the future

This is where we came up with the Driving Test Success Online Theory Training Gift Card.

Whether you’re buying for Christmas, birthday or any other special occasion gift cards are a great way to show that special somebody that you care.

Our gift card entitles the recipient to 6 months of unlimited access to the UK’s most comprehensive online theory test training package available. What’s more, their 6 month subscription only starts when they start!

So now mater what the occasion, this gift card will help learner drivers learn all the skills they need to become a safe and considerate road user.

tax disc changes 2014

Tax Discs Now Scrapped, Here’s What You Need To Know

car theory test download

The 93 year reign of tax discs has now come to an end and motorists are now no longer required to show a tax disc on their windscreen. What does this mean and how does it affect you? We tell you all you need to know..

What’s Happened?

The Tax Disc has been abolished which means you now no longer need to show it on your windscreen, not only this when it comes to renewing your road tax you won’t receive a paper disc, it’ll all be stored electronically.

How Can I Renew My Tax?

Your road tax can be paid online via the DVLA website, if you do so we caution people to ONLY use the official DVLA website to do this via Alternatively you can pay over the phone via 0300 123 4321 or via your local post office.

How Will It be Enforced? How will they know if I am taxed?

It’ll all be done now via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras. They will read the number plates, check with a central system to check your tax status and will chase up those with expired or no tax. As well as this the police will have access to this so they can check and confirm whether or not you are driving without tax.

What Do I Do When My Road Tax Expires?

If you haven’t already done so, you can remove your paper tax disc from your windscreen. You also won’t have to do anything if your paper tax disc doesn’t run out till the future. Once it does expire you will need to renew it using the new online system.

What Happens When I’m Selling or Buying A Car?

From now on, vehicle tax can not be transferred with a vehicle. Not only this, you must let the DVLA know that you no longer own the vehicle, until you do so you are still responsible for the taxation of the vehicle. If you still have full calendar months left on your vehicle’s tax from the DVLA

ttc recruitment drive driver training

Road Safety Organisation the TTC Group Seeks New Trainers Following Expansion

The TTC Group are on a nationwide recruitment drive following expansion into new markets and having clinched two more major contracts for one of the UK’s leading road safety organisations.

Currently the TTC Group educates 300 thousand drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians each year with the aim of cutting road deaths and injuries. Their training programs include Speed Awareness courses, managing workplace road safety for employers and road safety education for schools and colleges.

Having won two prestigious new contracts in Yorkshire and Wales, the TTC Group has expanded its successful drive to educate motorists as part of a national campaign for safer roads.

“We are looking for well motivated professional trainers who are either qualified approved driver trainers or who are experts in their own field of classroom based training with nationally recognised qualifications.. Previous experience is not required as full training will be provided. The ideal candidates will be forward thinking and interested in making a positive contribution towards creating safer roads.”

Full details of the recruitment opportunities will be available on the TTC website  at the end of September 2014 but interested trainers are invited to register their interest in advance by sending an email containing their contact details and qualifications/experience to using ‘Expression of Interest’ as the subject title.

Click here for further information on the TTC Group.

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Driving Test Success and Uni Kit Out

University season is just about to start and Driving Test Success are proud to announce their partnership with, a website dedicated to student needs and necessities.

Moving away from home for the first time can be exciting but a shock to the system all at the same time. Suddenly, you have to buy a duvet. How much does a duvet cost? Shall I just budget £5 for one? Kitchen utensils? I thought all I needed was a fork and knife, maybe a spoon if I wanted to get lavish!

These are the sort of questions thousands of new students will be asking themselves and fretting about in their first weeks at university. That’s where come in.

Uni Kit Out offer special packages specially for students which leave the second guessing out. Or rushing around from shop to shop trying to piece together and remember what you need.

For example Uni Kit Out have Combo Superior Bedroom Crockery pack which includes a duvet, pillow and all the crockery you need. The saving you make by buying them all together, plus with the super special offers the website has means that not only do you save time you also save a lot of money!

From bedroom to kitchen, cleaning to bathroom has exactly what every student needs.

And if that isn’t enough you can get a further 10% off from us by entering our special promo code DTS14 at the checkout!

Check out what they have to offer by clicking here.


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5 Things ADI’s Need To Know About the Modernising Driver Training Consultation

The DVSA have just published the interim response to the Modernising Driver Training consultation. This document discusses the results from the participants surveyed as well as interim decisions made.

1. An overwhelming majority of consultation participants agreed that a vocational qualification should replace the current qualifying tests. A total of 69% agreed (19% strongly agreed, 34% agreed and 16% slightly agreed). Less than 4% of people said that they believed that the current system was perfectly adequate and did not need changing. However  there are no immediate plans for a vocational qualification to replace current qualifying tests. Instead the DVSA will be looking at this for the future, which neither confirms or shuts down this route.

2. 74% of consultation participants agreed that the existing ADI qualification route needed improving. Of the common written responses was the view that trainees should be allowed to teach real fee paying pupils in some firm.

3. Only Part 3 of the ADI Assessment will be updated, with the DVSA acknowledging that improvements to Part 2 would deliver some benefits but would be more cost effective to introduce the new test of continued instructional ability (The Standards Check).

4. There will not be any introductions of ‘Civil Sanctions’ for ADI’s, despite 71% of respondents being supportive of introducing civil sanctions. The complexity of the ADI industry (micro businesses and sole traders) would make the implementation of such civil sanctions difficult to implement.

5. An online booking system for the Standards Check will be introduced. The introduction of this will coincide with the restructuring of ADI fees, where there would be separate fees for ADI registration, the standards check and fit & proper check ahead of renewal.

The full document can be downloaded or accessed here.

Win £500 worth of driving lessons

Driving Test Success are proud to announce that one of our affiliates Collingwood Insurance Services are running an awesome competition where you could win £500 worth of driving lessons!

Imagine that, that’s over 15 hours of driving lessons you could get for free!

Collingwood  Insurance Services offer short-term insurance policies ranging from just 7 days to 24 weeks* or full annual polices  for when you want to learn in your own or someone else’s car (as specified on the policy)

To enter the competition all you have to do is to purchase a new Learner Driver policy. Hurry as the competition ends soon! Click the banner below to enter!

*Terms and conditions apply