My first lesson is in a few hours and as well as being really excited, I’m really nervous.

I booked my first lesson a couple of weeks ago; and since then there’s been plenty of moments where I’ve wanted to cancel. Thankfully, I’ve not let my nerves take over.

I have spoken to a couple of my friends who have all said they were nervous for their first driving lesson too. I’m nervous that my base knowledge about cars is so minimal. I don’t understand what the clutch or gears do; and I don’t want to look like a fool.

Although I’m sure once I meet my instructor, I’ll feel more at ease. I’ve not met her yet, but she was really helpful when I booked my lesson. She told me i’ll need my provisional licence, a bottle of water and my glasses for my first lesson. I’ve got these all in a neat pile beside the door so I won’t forget them on my way out.

I don’t think you can start driving lessons unless your instructor has seen you’re provisional, so even if yours didn’t remind you to bring it along with you, you probably should.

If you’re like me and suffer from nerves, maybe research some tips on how to calm them.

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