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How many driving lessons on average do you need to take before you can pass? What’s the average number of lessons people take before they take their driving test?

Chances are, these are questions you’ve been asking yourself and others.

We’re here to tell you the answer is ‘does not matter’.

That’s right. It does not matter what the average number of lessons is, because you are not an average person. You are unique with unique skills and unique needs.

You probably have noticed when asking around for the number of average lessons you’ll get all sorts of ridiculous numbers. We’ve even heard people claiming they only needed 10 lessons to pass their driving test!

Let’s pretend for a second that they’re telling the truth (they’re not). They passed after 10 lessons (they didn’t). So what?

What has somebody else’s ability (or imagination) got to do with you?

The reason is simple. Do you want to simply pass your test, or do you want to be a safe and confident driver?

Every year hundreds of new drivers die on the road. Imagine how much smaller the figure would be if all of those drivers had the desire to become safe drivers, rather than to just scrape a pass for their driving test with the minimum amount of lessons?

Think about it for a second. Do you want to sacrifice your life (and other people’s) for the sake of shaving off a few hours and saving £100?

There is a myth out there that driving instructors want to stretch out the number of lessons as much as possible. That if they could they’d make you have to take 100 lessons before you could take your test.

This is just untrue.

Every driving instructor has a responsibility to you. They would rather be accused of stretching out lessons than be the one who rushed through 20 lessons for a young person to pass their test only to die in a car crash months later.

That is why we’re not going to tell you what the average number of lessons it takes to pass. We don’t want to add to the idea that the point of driving lessons is to learn the bare minimum in the minimal amount of time to squeeze through a pass.

It will take you as long as it will and as many lessons as it will to be a safe and confident driver.

Remember, your safety is worth far more than any amount of money you think you’ll be saving by rushing things.


  1. I think the average amount of driving lessons the government requires safe to drive on the road, is between 50 – 70 lessons or 70 – 125 lessons .its not an accurate answer.

  2. I think it doesn’t matter how many lessons you have its your confidence and maturity in driving what’s important some people need to take it more seriously than they do

  3. Some people tell you they passed in 10 lessons but fail to tell you they have had 3 different instructors before coming to you or had 40 + hrs with dad

  4. One of the best things said about learning to drive, I am learning to drive for a job I have been offered and cannot start until I have passed, Ive really been worried that it seems to be taking me ages to pass, after reading this I realise that it will take as long as it takes. I would much rather be a confident safe driver than a driver who has just managed to pass.

    Thanks for the advice

  5. I have been driving on and off since I was 19 I am now 56 but does not mean I am going to pass my test, I have had massive gaps in between my lessons, good reasons , but I now feel as if I want to pass my test and I am ready. I not only want to do it for myself but for my job, and my family who live miles apart who I hardly get to see. So my job now is to succeed in my task ahead and pass my driving test also for my husband who without him I would be lost , And it’s my turn to be cheauffer.

  6. I think the website says it about 45 hours with a driving instructor + private practice. People learn at different paces so it’s only a guide.


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