What is the 2 second rule when driving?

The 2 second rule is a term used to ensure motorists keep a safe stopping distance between their vehicle and the one in front.

The rule is not a recommendation, but instead a very rough suggestion for drivers to measure a minimum reaction time.

How do i use the 2 second rule?

You can use the 2 second rule by using the rear of the vehicle in front of you, and a stationary object. For example, wait until the car in front has passed a tree, street light or road sign, then say ‘only a fool breaks the 2 second rule’ in a slow speaking voice. If your vehicle has passed the stationary object before you finish the sentence, you need to drop back and create a larger distance between your vehicle and theirs.

Is the 2 second rule suitable for all weather conditions?

No, the 2 seconds is not adequate for adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. 4 seconds should be used as a rough guide for wet conditions, and a 10 second rule for snow or ice. In which cases; repeat the sentence 2, or 5 times.