In a bid to reduce accidents caused by sudden breaking The Department for Transport have announced that ‘all working speed cameras will be yellow by October 2016’.

The first grey speed cameras were introduced in 2006 on the M42, near Birmingham, and whilst there are clear signs alerting drivers to their presence – many drivers see the cameras a money-maker in oppose to a traffic calmer because of their ‘camouflaged’ appearance.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin has said “I’ve always been clear that cameras should be visible and get used for safety rather than revenue raising. This move is about applying common sense to our roads. Speed cameras should make journeys safer rather than lead to dangerous braking. I’m delighted Highways England have agreed to meet our timetable to achieve this.”

All cameras which are painted grey or hidden behind gantries will be removed or painted yellow in the next 12 months, during routine maintenance where possible as to minimise costs.


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