If you are worried that nerves will take over on the day of your driving test, then you need to read the extract taken from the ‘L of a way 2 Pass’ book written by Diane Hall, DVSA (ADI), TFT-Alg – Coping with nerves – Test Day Stress Busters.

Throughout the article you will find exercises and techniques that will enable you to perform at your best on your driving test, and to eliminate all negative thoughts of any previous tests that you have failed.

Find out how to cope with driving test nerves

There are more exercises and techniques in this chapter of L of a way 2 Pass than in any other chapter, because this is what all your driving lessons and this whole book is leading up to: getting a test pass. You may find that not all of the exercises are relevant to you, so we suggest that you read through the chapter first and decide which ones you think are suitable for you. We appreciate that there is a lot of information within the chapter, and it’s likely that you will want or need to use only some of the exercises. It should take no more than an hour or two to work through the exercises and decide which ones you find the most effective.

Ask yourself this: are a couple of hours of your time worth it for the benefit of discovering techniques to help you to pass your test stress-free, with no feelings of nerves or anxiety?

About the exercises

You can perform all of the exercises on your own, and they each only take a few minutes to master. However, it may help to get a sympathetic person to help you with the instructions and to talk you through them. Alternatively, try recording them (easily done on most smart phones) and playing them back to yourself if you have difficulty remembering them.

This chapter has all the tools that you need to allow you to banish your nerves, enabling you to feel relaxed and in control, ensuring that you drive as well on your driving test as you would normally do on your driving lesson. What we can’t do for you, however, is to improve your drive if you cannot drive to the required test standard. Therefore, it’s imperative that you be guided by your instructor as to when you are ready to take your test. By doing Exercise One you can determine whether you personally believe that you are physically capable of passing your driving test.

Further information on how to pass your driving test

Hopefully, you will find the advice in this extract useful. If you would like further information, please contact Diane Hall on 07930 697406 or email Lofaway2pass@gmail.com.

The full version of the book is available to purchase from Amazon in the following formats:


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