basic car maintenance fuel

Here are some useful hints and tips to help you save time and money, and keep your little run around on the road. Basic car maintenance knowledge is key to being a good driver.

1. Don’t run out of fuel

This is not only sensible, but running out of fuel can cause damage and problems.,not to mention a totally avoidable waste of time. Fill up before you get too low on fuel.

Some vehicles have warning lights, and a digital display saying how many miles are left in the tank. Keep an eye on your instruments.

2. Petrol Can

You can carry spare fuel in an appropriate fuel can. These come in different colour to avoid costly mistakes by putting the wrong fuel in the wrong engine. Green = unleaded petrol, Black = diesel. It is illegal and dangerous to carry petrol in a container not intended for it, like a lemonade bottle. Fumes from petrol expand in the open-air, keep all sources of naked flame well away from where you store the can.

3. Motorway Driving

Did you know that some motorways do not have services (petrol stations) on them, so if you run out, you are in trouble. Always make sure you have plenty of fuel for the journey. If you doubt, put some fuel in as soon as possible. Better to be safe than sorry.

4. Catalytic Converters

Most modern cars have these fitted, as standard. They are designed to reduce the dangerous pollutants and emissions from the exhaust, into the atmosphere. Leaded petrol must not be used on cars with a catalytic converter, as it can permanently damage the system – a costly repair job as catalytic converters use precious metals in their construction.

5. Diesel Engines

These are often more environmentally acceptable. However, the engine must be tuned properly to reduce pollutants and emissions – jeep on top of maintenance.

Diesel is essentially oil so take care when filling up the tank, try not to spill or drip any on the ground, if you can help it – if you get this on your feet you can slip very easily. There is often a bucket of sand nearby, to sprinkle on the spilt diesel, and soak it up.

6. Mistakes

Take a careful look at the fuel pump and select the correct fuel. Don’t put diesel into a petrol engine or the other way round, it will be costly to flush out the bad fuel.

7. Handbook

Most cars come with an owner’s handbook, refer to it for help and guidance.

8. Never pour waste fuel down the drains

Ful is a pollutant and you can be arrested and charged for the offence. Always seek to dispose of waste or unwanted fuel, in a responsible way – check with your local authority for details of their recycling policy.


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