It’s essential that you NEVER brake suddenly whilst driving on a motorway. All braking should be progressive, well planned and unhurried. If you are fully attentive and focused on the driving task, you will be able to leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Always check in your mirrors before you brake to slow, or need to change speed or direction, just the same as normal roads, but due to high speeds involved, you must look and plan well ahead; anticipate potential problems; slow down in good time and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

Remember: Observations, Anticipation, Planning and Restraint – are the key components of defensive driving.

In the unlikely event that traffic ahead of you stops quickly it is wise to flash your hazard warning lights for a brief moment to warn the traffic behind you that you are stopping suddenly.  However, extreme caution should be taken when doing this as you may need to remove one hand from the steering wheel in order to activate your hazard warning lights.


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