A level crossing is where a railway line crosses over a road. Level crossings are normally well sign-posted and have a flashing light sign to show there is a train coming.

Follow this step by step guide on how to safely approach and negotiate a level crossing:

1. Never enter the crossing when the barriers are coming down or are down.

2. Always obey the signs, wait at the gates until the train has gone, the barrier rises, and the lights stop flashing. If the lights remain on, there is another train coming. DO NOT PROCEED.

3. Never go across unless the other side is clear, or go over ‘nose to tail’ with other vehicles. Never stop on or just after a crossing, or park too close

4. Many crossing have half barriers. Never drive around them when they are down. THERE IS A TRAIN COMING.

5. Some open crossings have no gates or barriers, supervision, or traffic lights. Stop at the Give Way signs, and look right and left, and listen for any trains coming before you cross.

6. If your car breaks down on the crossing, do not panic. Get everyone out of the car. Using the emergency telephone contact the signal operator immediately. Follow any instructions given.

If there is time before a train arrives, move the car off the tracks by using first gear and the starter motor or pushing the vehicle clear. If the amber light flashes and the alarm sounds, get clear of the crossing at once – there is a train approaching and it will not be able to stop.


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