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Whether you’re out on the road getting some extra practice or have just passed your test, here are some useful hints and tips to help you out whilst driving this winter.

You need to take extra care when driving in winter. Whether it’s a short trip or a longer journey, rain, wind, fog, ice and snow can all make driving treacherous – particularly at night.

Above all, make sure you and your car are well prepared – and take heed of weather reports.

  • If the forecast or conditions are really bad, only drive if you absolutely have to.
  • If you have to drive in atrocious conditions, then follow our top tips and be prepared!

Driving during the Winter months

      • Make sure you have breakdown cover just in case the worst does happen
      • Travel with a supply of drinks and snacks.  Pack a flask of tea or coffee, chocolates and some warm clothing and keep you car well ventilated to prevent drowsiness – and take regular breaks!
      • Plan your journey in advance and check for diversions or closures.  Keep an up-to-date roadmap in the car and listen to local road reports using the RDS function on your car radio. Make sure that you let friends or family know where you are travelling and when you expect to arrive and keep a fully charged mobile phone with you in case of breakdown.
      • Make sure your car is well serviced and in good shape for winter driving. Check that your tyre pressure (spare tyre too!), tread depth and oil is OK and that you have plenty of fuel. Ensure that all your lights are clean – and your number plate too! And make sure you know how the de-mister and heating controls work and how to replace a tyre if you have a puncture.
      • Keep the windscreen clean.  Check the wiper blades for splits or damage before you travel and keep a bottle of screenwash in your car. Always remember to keep your front and rear lights clean.


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