Nervous About Driving Test Nerves
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How to deal with driving test nerves

Nerves are something that we all suffer with from time to time, but unfortunately they affect some people much more than others. Below you’ll find some really helpful advice on how to make sure that your driving test nerves don’t destroy your chances of achieving a first time pass!

How to combat driving test nerves

In order to combat the driving test nerves, it’s essential that you feel confident BEFORE you put in for your test. You have to believe that you can do it, and just remember your instructor wouldn’t have recommended you apply if they didn’t think you were good enough!

Practise makes perfect when dealing with driving test nerves

Make sure that you have practised all the manoeuvres and driving routines that you could be tested on in your exam plenty of times before your test. This will help you to feel much more confident and help to banish those driving test nerves.

The worst thing that can happen is that you start your driving test uncertain of a particular manoeuvre and the examiner then asking you to complete it. This will not help your nerves! If you are struggling on a particular manoeuvre ask your instructor to spend more time on it, or take a look at our practical videos.

Help and support to combat driving test nerves

Ensure that you have your instructors support. Talk to friends and family about your nerves and anxieties and see if they can offer any advice. You can also join our friendly community over on Facebook where you can interact with thousands of other learner drivers who are all in the same position.

Can herbal remedies help with driving test nerves?

Certain herbal remedies such as Kalms can be helpful for some people to help calm driving test nerves. Make sure that you read the label thoroughly and remember that you will need to start taking these a couple of weeks before your test.

Can breathing help with driving test nerves?

It may sound strange but breathing exercises can be very useful to help combat driving test nerves. Simple deep breaths whilst focusing on your in and out breaths will help to relax and sooth any nerves that may be brewing.

Can Bananas help with driving test nerves?

You may have heard instructors and learners recommending that you eat a banana before your test. They are full of vitamin B which will help to calm your test nerves. The main reason for this is that they contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into seratonin, the ‘happy hormone’.

Can distraction help with driving test nerves?

It’s recommended that you arrive at the test centre with plenty of time to spare on the day of your test. However, sitting in the waiting room before your test begins is often where most people begin to feel the real nerves kick in. Take along something to read to help distract your attention or why not try the breathing exercises to help keep you calm.

Pretend you’re on a driving lesson to help combat driving test nerves

If the idea of sitting your driving test sends you to jelly, try to think of it as an ordinary driving lesson, but you’ve simply got a replacement instructor in the car. So long as you remember everything that you have been taught and you drive to a high enough standard, you will pass!

Hints and Tips from other learner drivers to help banish those driving test nerves

Here are some hints and tips from other learner drivers about how they overcame driving test nerves:

  • Think of all the good times that you’re going to have when you pass your test
  • Imagine that you’re a taxi driver and you’re taking someone home and have to follow their directions.
  • Chill out with friends before your test to help relax
  • Chewing on chewing gum
  • Bach’s rescue remedy
  • Have a positive attitude – “I will try my best but if I fail then at least I’ve tried”
  • Don’t have a big meal before your test – it will make you feel sluggish and tired
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Ask your instructor to sit in on your test – a familiar face in the car can make you feel more at ease
  • Don’t tell everybody when your test is!
  • Eat a bowl of porridge before your test
  • Beta Blockers
  • Listen to music before your test

If you’ve found a great way to overcome driving test nerves, why not let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Calmettes seem to balance the stress. However, I feel that distracting yourself before your test helps more. Because when you alone you tend to think alot but when you in the company of others as well as in a new surrounding you think about it less

  2. I failed my test with nerves i tried to stay calm but as soon as i got in the test centre that was it my nerves went i couldnt focus i just kept making mistake after mistake then that was it i failed but one thing iv learned is never give up if you want something so badly keep trying and you will succeed but im going to try some of these tips for my next test

  3. I failed my 1st road test because I was nervous. My 2nd test is today and I plan on chewing gum and listening to music while I wait on line. Wish me luck!

  4. I’ve failed my driving test 10 times due to nerves, I am a confident driver with my instructor or parents but my neves go when a examiner gets in the car, anyone else had the same problem?

    • This is shit! Josh, maybe have the examiner sit with you to make you feel more comfortable as you know them. I’ve failed twice so far cos I shake and get myself worked up, think positive. But good luck in future hope you pass. Happy passing!!!

  5. I have that same bad nerves during my tests, I drive so well during my lessons, only when the examiner sat next to me then I was shaking uncotrollablly. Failed 4 times now and still trying

  6. My driving test isn’t for 7 weeks and I’m liturally dying inside already .. I’m freaking out because when I was younger my friends car I was in got rolled by another car .. and going at a high speed freaks me out feel like I’m on a roller coaster . So I have a feeling I will fail because I’m just not sure how to get over the fear of going at a high speed but I’m still going to remain postie after all I have 7 weeks .. but to anyone talking your test soon good luck