The Hazard Perception CGI App is the first one of its kind and the most up to date Hazard Perception Test product in the market. The Hazard Perception CGI App features the latest licensed content from The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), reflecting the changes made to Hazard Perception tests in Great Britain whereby video clips are now produced using computer graphics (CGI).

The new CGI clips by the DVSA will be rolled out across all test centers later this year, no date has yet been released.

Brand Manager for Driving Test Success, Emma Bagnall, described the new CGI clips as incredibly realistic and exceptionally high in quality.

“Any apprehension about the use of artificial video clips for the official Hazard Perception Test will be eased once people see just how realistic they are. In the past some people have had difficulty with the Hazard Perception Test due to the lower quality videos available but with these new CGI clips the quality is incredibly crisp and sharp.”

Just like in our other Hazard Perception Apps, recommended by Driving Instructors and loved by learner drivers the new CGI Hazard Perception App will come with professional commentary teaching the user what they need to know in order to pass their Hazard Perception Test.

Hazard Perception CGI Edition Features:

  • Practise the 10 brand new official revision clips from The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – the people who set the tests.
  • Receive immediate feedback after each clip to find out how well you scored.
  • Built in cheat detection system that accurately replicates the OFFICIAL DVSA Test.
  • Review each clip to discover where the hazard occurred and where the maximum score could have been achieved.
  • Keep a track of your progress to see how well you are doing. Detailed advice centre backed up with dedicated customer support


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