Is your Theory Test coming up? Here is exactly what you need to take with you on the day.


For most people, you will only need to take your UK photocard driving licence.

If have a Northern Ireland licence, you will need to bring your photocard and your paper counterpart license.

If you have an old-style paper licence you will need to bring your signed driving licence along with a valid passport. The DVSA are very strict with this and will not accept any other forms of photographic identification. If you don’t have a passport, you can exchange your paper driving licence for a photocard licence here.

Note: Your test will be cancelled if you don’t arrive with the correct documentation, and you will not get a test refund.

Personal Belongings 

You are not allowed to take personal items into the Theory Test with you. However, they can be stored in the lockers in the centre. This includes:

  • earphones
  • bags
  • mobile devices
  • watches

Note: You will be checked to see if you have any personal belongings on your body which can be used to cheat in the test. If you refuse to be checked, your test will be cancelled.

Lost Licence

Have you lost your licence on the run up to your test? Don’t panic, you can apply for a replacement licence which takes up to 15 days to arrive. If you don’t have enough time, you can rearrange your Theory Test for a later date.


  1. Hi a friend said i also need to bring the green document which the provisional licence came with by post. Also i do kot have a passport only ID that ok??

  2. hi I am having appointment tomorrow, can I bring with me ID card and provisional driving licence, will that be enough??


  3. Hello just relised now that my passport has expired for my theory test thats coning up this Saturday what else can i take with me instead?


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