**UPDATE** The DVSA have today (9 January 2015) announced that the new Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) hazard perception clips will be introduced into all tests from Monday 12 January 2015.

Leading the way in learner driver products, Driving Test Success has already released the new CGI Hazard Perception app so you can practise the new style clips on the device of your choice (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Kindle Fire).

The new CGI videos included in the app are licensed directly from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (the people who set the test), so you can be confident that you’re revising from clips that accurately simulate the new style test.

As well as the official CGI revision clips, the app comes with professional commentary that will help you to understand how each of the hazard develop and how you can achieve top marks.

One customer said, “Really impressed with just how clear the video clips in this app are. The feedback given when you practise is extremely helpful too.  Highly recommended!”

Download the app and practise the new Hazard Perception CGI clips:

iPhoneiPadAndroidKindle FireMacYou’ll also find the brand new CGI revision clips in all our Theory Test PC software and online training. To view the full range visit our online store.

About the new CGI Hazard Perception clips

The Hazard Perception Test was first introduced in 2002 to assess the learner’s ability to spot and react to a developing hazard.  Although the current clips are still relevant for today’s test, the image quality is poor and the clips have become very dated.

The new CGI clips will look much clearer and include updated vehicles, roads and surroundings.

The DVSA have confirmed that the format of the Hazard Perception Test and the pass rate will not change.

In the future the new CGI clips could include a range of driving conditions, such as bad weather and driving in the dark.  It also allows the DVSA to test candidates on hazardous situations which may have previously been difficult or unsafe to film such as a child running into the road or other vulnerable road users such as cyclists.

Driving Test Success Hazard Perception CGI App

The new Hazard Perception CGI app from Driving Test Success is essential training for all road users.

Key features:

  • Practise the 10 brand new official revision clips from The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) – the people who set the tests.
  • Receive immediate feedback after each clip to find out how well you scored.
  • Built in cheat detection system that accurately replicates the OFFICIAL DVSA Test.
  • Review each clip to discover where the hazard occurred and where the maximum score could have been achieved.
  • Keep a track of your progress to see how well you are doing.
  • Detailed advice centre backed up with dedicated customer support


  1. Are there still currently only 10 CGI clips that have been released? I am taking the theory test for ADI’s, and wonder if any more have been released?

  2. I done my theory today and failed because of the hazard perception part of the test… The test because of the new immaging messed with my eyes and gave me a splitting headache, I felt myself having to look away from the screen and the clip wasn’t clear! I am not blaming the test for me failing but I really didn’t like the new set up! Most online practice tests still use the old format so I presumed it was all the same but it wasn’t there are no up to date means of practice available free online and if you don’t know about the updates then your setting yourself up to fail!


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