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One in three young drivers have said they do not feel ready to ‘face the roads’ despite passing their practical driving test, according to a survey carried out by Co-operative Insurance.

James Hillon, of Co-operative Insurance has said: “Newly-qualified drivers today are facing busier road conditions than any other generation.

It’s extremely important for road safety that anyone who passes their driving test, regardless of age, feels comfortable and equipped to drive on the roads unsupervised.”

Of the 1,000 drivers aged 17-25 who took part in the survey, large amounts would like to see the following to introduced to the driving test:

  • Motorway driving
  • Sat Navs
  • Night time driving

Sarah-Jane Martin, a spokeswoman for Brake has said: “The research by the Co-op shows that young people agree that the driving test isn’t up to scratch and doesn’t prepare them adequately. ”

In 2015 sat navs were trialled in some driving tests, and earlier this year the Department of Transport announced they were considering allowing learners to drive on the motorway with the supervision of an  Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in a dual controlled car – both of which seem to be a step in the right direction.

How prepared did you feel when you passed your test, and what could have made you feel more confident?


  1. In my opinion & from my recent experience of this…
    1) driving at night…
    I never had 1 lesson in the dark & even mentioned me trying it in lessons in preparation of it but then the opportunity never arose…& to my amazement…I did this by myself 1st time after passing test & absolutely loved it & still do! Even prefer it to be honest!
    2) motorways…
    I strongly believe that they need to be practiced during the whole process of learning to drive & part of the practical test 1000%!
    I’d say 90% of people I know that have got their driving licence…as much as half of them (3 yrs later) still haven’t tried to drive on a motorway & ain’t likely to do as something that’s not taught to them in lessons so off putting to many!
    3) satnavs…
    In my personal opinion I think I’d prefer to get lost than use 1.. I find them way too distracting whilst driving…as equally distracting as mobile phones in a car & reckon it should be taught the old fashioned way of studying a map beforehand to plan ahead on a journey.
    That way your gaining extra knowledge in a better way & take it in rather than lazyily following a route your not remember for next time!

  2. Instructors offer Pass plus, this incorperates motorways. Some people don’t want to spend on Pass Plus, instructors will still offer you a couple of hours motorway tuition.


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