Before you can ride on the road you must complete the compulsory basic training (otherwise known as CBT). Not everyone can teach CBT, you must be fully certified by the DVSA and all training MUST be carried out at an approved training body which is again approved by the DVSA for off road training.

When you begin your training it’s always advisable to ask to see the instructors CBT certificate, as they must carry this with them at all times when training. This way you can be sure you are been trained by a fully qualified and approved instructor.

Find my nearest motorcycle approved trainers and CBT training centres

Illegal instructors

For your own safety, it’s vital to make sure that you know exactly who is teaching you, or your son/daughter to drive.

Section 123 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 prohibits drivers from receiving payment in monetary terms for providing riding instruction, unless they are registered with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and fully qualified to teach.

If you suspect that an instructor may be teaching illegally you MUST contact the DVSA who will carry out a full investigation with the police and take possible offenders to court.

How to report an illegal instructor

You can contact the DVSA on 029 2058 1155 (during office hours) or on 029 2058 1290 for out of office hours.

Alternatively you can send an email to:


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