When first thinking about learning to ride, I spoke with my pupils about motorcycle training schools in the area. I ended up taking a deal from a school which was recommended by a couple of pupils. I looked at their website, waited a few weeks and bit the bullet. Being Northern (and careful with my money) I decided to take up an offer a free, one-hour riding trial.

Being Northern (and careful with my money) I decided to take up an offer a free, one-hour riding trial.

The one-hour trial was all done within an off-road training area and they showed me the basics – first gear, second gear, move off, stop and that kind of general stuff. But that hour is all it took for me to be HOOKED on riding.

Next thoughts “now I needed to book my CBT and theory test!”.

Theory Test Preparation

In preparation for the theory test, I bought a DVD to revise the multiple choice questions and hazard perception sections, and revised my knowledge of the Highway Code.

Luckily, because of my job and previous driving experience I was pretty well informed – that’s not to say there wasn’t new stuff I learned from the perspective of a motorcycle rider, though. I found revising really useful as it sharpened my knowledge and reminded me of stuff I knew, whilst challenging my thinking.

I hated it when I answered any questions wrong, as the only result in my head was 100%, I felt, given my previous driving experience – anything less would be disappointing.

On the big day, I scored 47/50. Disappointed I missed 3 questions, but it’s a pass, and to be honest, I’m still unsure of the extra fuel used when carrying a pillion or which form I need to complete when declaring my vehicle as SORN – I still sleep at night though!

The hazard perception was a breeze as it is computer generated. On my ADI test it was a camera in a car. If the clip was on the motorway everything happened at 70 mph. Not now. I found it a lot easier. I scored 70 out of 75. 

CBT Preparation

I couldn’t find a simple website that told me that told me what I needed to do, about CBT, mod 1 and mod 2, a typical cost, how to find an instructor or what a training day should look like.

I was going into CBT training partly blind, with a long list of questions to ask which I couldn’t find answers for online. Even the official gov.uk pages didn’t tell me in simple terms. This was frustrating but it wasn’t going to stop me.


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