Although the conditions appear much more pleasant, riding in the summer does come with its own dangers.

Hot weather can sap concentration levels in a similar way to when riding in the cold. Be sure to remain hydrated and carry water with you if riding for a long period of time.

Do not be tempted to ditch your quality gear for shorts and flip flops. When on the move heat is reduced and there is a wide variety of summer clothing available to cater for all tastes.

Sunlight glare can be blinding and cause a loss of vision. Be conscious of this particularly when riding through woodland which can create a strobing effect.

Road surfaces that have remained dry for a long period can become very slippery after a downpour.

Nice weather can bring out more traffic (in particular motorcyclists who may be ‘rusty’ after a winter with the bike in the garage) and with it a misplaced extra dollop of self confidence.