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About the Driver CPC Case Studies

If you don’t want to drive for a living the case studies test is not compulsory. However, you must take it if you want to drive professionally and qualify for a full Driver CPC.

Driver CPC initial qualification part two – Case Studies

Similar to your Theory Test, the case studies test is carried out on a computer and will take about one and a half hours to complete. The test will be made up of seven case studies, each one with six to eight questions. Each of the case studies will be based on real life scenarios that you are likely to come across in your everyday working life.

What is the pass mark for the Driver CPC Case Studies?

The maximum score you can achieve is 50 and the pass mark is 40.

Do I need to sit the Driver CPC Case Studies Exam?

If you already hold a Driver CPC for one vehicle category (for example PCV) and you wish to gain the Driver CPC in another category, you will need to take a part two case study conversion test. This will consist of 10 case studies with a total of 50 questions.

To book the part two case study conversion test you will need to contact the DVSA on 0300 200 1166 and select the theory test option. Once you are through to an operator and have explained you would like to book a conversion test they will check on their bookings database if the information required is already held for your licence. If it is not they will put you through to the DVLA where you will need to request an Entitlement Check.

Preparing for Module 1a & 1b of the LGV & PCV Multiple Choice Theory Test

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  1. I can’t believe how HARD the questions are, on the case studies module 2…….there RIDICULOUS!!!, I’m NOT a trained mechanic, or work in the office of dvla, I was informed that it was a general understanding of the industry and basic knowledge on hgv’s???????? It’s anything BUT, the questions are just completely arranged to throw you, and there’s NO obvious choice on most of them…’s put me RITE off, I’m a working class man , not a FRIGGIN student with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and EU regulations!!!!!

  2. Its very hard. The Questions are clearly made to trick you and throw you. As a lorry driver i do not need to know a lot of the stuff they say either. I can see why there is a shortage of drivers in the UK now.

  3. I know, I took mine last week I’m only 23, got 39/50 unfortunately but the questions are ridiculous and most of them I don’t even need to know. Got my retest in 1hour, 30mins goodluck me haha

  4. I past my driving test 36 years ago, wanted to try the Buses, Passed my THEORY, passed my HAZARD and failed this stupid test twice, do not see the point of this test, this silly rest is going to prevent me being a bus driver the questions are a Joke, just another way for the Goverment to get money out of us

  5. Lol i have failed it twice already, got 39/50 then 38/50, the test is bloody tough, got my 3rd attempt tommorow at 5.30pm, getting so sick of getting the train to Glasgow to sit this lol.

    The format is so hard, if theres 10 scenarios with 5 questions each, you can only afford 1 wrong answer per scenario which is more than likely to happen, i heard the pass rate is very low for it.

  6. Took mine today in fleetwood, I passed theory 93% passed Hazzard 77% and then failed the case studies getting 39/50 !! Bloody peed off to say the least, as most people have already said on here the questions are mostly rediculous and not to do with the actual job, definitely set up to trick and confuse you, I was told to read the scenario as all the answers were in there but I don’t agree as I found a lot of the questions asked had little to do with the scenarios, I’m due to have a retest next week hopefully..

  7. I done this test 3 weeks ago got 39/50 the test is a joke and a lot of the ? Don’t relate to the scenario going for a resit tommorow fingers crossed

  8. passed my theory and hazard no problem whatsoever.
    this test it’s getting on my nurves, failed it 3 times already 35/50, 39/50, 38/50.
    how can i revise anyone??

  9. omg! you guys are putting me off! have done module 1 no probs, waiting for dvsa to tell pearson i can book this test??? how can they not know i am eligible to take this test if ive done the other 2?? good luck people!

  10. Did my theory and hazard perception yesterday and passed with 95/100 & 85/200. Passed case study test today 48/50. Just have to apply the theory knowledge to the scenarios.

  11. Unbelievably hard questions. I sat the paper five times. Fortunately enough for me, I passed it last week. As most people have already said, read and read the scenario as many times as possible there is always a unique answer among the answers provided. Depending on what the question is asking, one’s answer should be based on fuel efficiency, comfort for the passengers and benefits to the organization.
    Good luck to you all.

  12. Daniel I have failed my CPC case study 4 time, past my theory 1st time Hazard Perception 1st time, this will b the 4th time I have failed my CPC, the questions are a joke can you remember any answers you can help me out with, av had 37/50 36/50 38/50 36/50 it’s a joke of a test and they never tell you what answers are wrong

  13. They should make the questions related to the cd of cpc already out their so stupid they have questions not on the cd I revised from dvla scam

  14. I have passed module 1 a and B. Passed Hazard perception with 83 and multiple choice 90. Module 2 booked in for 19/10/17. I have got a CPC case study APP. Going to study this over the next 2 weeks and try pass first time… Good Luck to anyone going through this aswell

  15. Pass module 1 ,1a, ,pass driving test ,stuck on module 2 ,failed 4 times 29,35,34&34.Book my test again in Wednesday ,don’t know where to study.any advice guis ?

    • Passed today first attempt 46/50.. Had to give it 100% focus.. Make sure you read the scenario properly and answer accordingly.. I never had a single question on tachograph use though.. Learn the driver hours regulations, rest periods.. Put YOUR passenger safety as your first priority always.. Read the question properly so you don’t miss important words (such as maximum, minimum, reduced, non-reduce, daily, weekly) which most people get wrong. They basically knows the answers but misreading words in the questions Lead to mistakes.

  16. Hi I’m coming back to bus driving after a long break from it. just want to ask anyone , is the case studies bit multiple choice questions. Also why is this bit like shrouded in mystery with no online examples or anything?

  17. Hi,

    Pass 46 /50 question are really strange, I recommend don’t rush, read scenario and you will pass. Buy material and start study. Driving hours, kerbs weight, MAM how to check payload. Licenses in UK, multi-man, eu regulations important.

    Best wishes for everyone ,Polish guy ;)! next week cpc module 4 last !

  18. Hi I’ve passed my theory and hazard perception test for hgv. I now need to complete my module 2 & 4 cpc. Can I complete both of these before I start any lessons or pass my test.

  19. Hey guys,
    I just did the CPC case studies test (for HGVs) and passed 49/50 as it is a lot easier than what I thought. The scenarios are quite long (to read) but surprisingly the questions are hardly ever about any of the details in the scenarios. It’s all a lot more about common sense stuff (drinking and driving, road conditions, load restraints, a lot of stuff you can answer even without reading the actual case study description), and it took me half an hour to finish it. Quite a few questions are about drivers hours and regulations. And tachograph modes. Maybe I’ve been lucky cos it really was super easy but honestly don’t sweat it. Hope this helps.

  20. I quite agree. I’ve just taken mine today. I a 53 year old woman and I like driving. I passed the theory and hazard. but only got 37/50 and yet when I was given a paper copy as a practice I only got 2 wrong. If I fail a 2nd time I’m out. I’ve been studying every night and weekends. It’s ridiculous and frustrating when you’re trying your hardest.

  21. I quite agree. I’ve just taken mine today. I a 53 year old woman and I like driving. I passed the theory and hazard. but only got 37/50 and yet when I was given a paper copy as a practice I only got 2 wrong. If I fail a 2nd time I’m out. I’ve been studying every night and weekends. It’s ridiculous and frustrating when you’re trying your hardest.

  22. I passed the test thanks the CD driving test access the main thing is understanding how you can deal with any question , really not easy to pass without revision specially the book……. Thank you very much

  23. Anyone who is doing CPC, it is not just a theory test it is different from 1a&1b test. It is in more detail specially

    driver’s hours
    then EU rule
    and domestic rules
    and then Working times Directive
    then there are different speed limits for different buses.
    The easiest way to prepare is to buy any android app or sumat, take one copy/pen and make 4/5 headings on every page
    Daily rest period
    Weekly rest period
    Speed limits
    Alcohol limits
    And one separate page for important points. For example you are going on ferry/train then there are different rules.
    i hope this will make easy for you, don’t just prepare your 1B & 1A theory tests lol
    All the best

    My test is on 14 March i will keep you update.

  24. Passed my cpc module 2 today 44/50 . I think it’s just applying what you have learnt in your theory. Make sure you read an understand the questions before you answer them because it’s easy to be miss lead take your time an good luck guys.

  25. Very confused about I should actually be studying for this test. I Bought a case study disc and was passing with high scores every time, then when sitting the actual test not one of the questions that I had been practicing came up! Some more clarity is definitely needed as anyone that I’ve asked for help doesn’t really leave me any the wiser.

    I had been studying working time directive, tachograph use etc. but mostly all of my questions were about operators licences which I had no clue about! No mention of it at all on my disc.


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