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The Hazard Perception Test is a required test to pass for trainee LGV & PCV drivers. It is referred to as the Module 1b test. You may sit it separately to the theory test.

How many videos in the LGV & PCV Hazard Perception Test?

The Hazard Perception Test (Module 1b) for LGV & PCV drivers consists of a series of 19 video clips, each lasting about one minute. Shown from the driver’s viewpoint, the hazard perception test clips feature various types of hazards, such as vehicles, pedestrians or other road users.

What’s the Hazard Perception pass mark?

The current pass mark for learner car drivers and motorcyclists in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the Hazard Perception Test is 67 out of 100.

Do all the video clips only contain one hazard in the Hazard Perception Test?

No, 18 of these clips will have one scoreble hazard whilst one will have two scorable hazards.

Also, the hazard that you have identified may not necessarily be the one that the DVSA have classed as the ‘scoring’ hazard. So you must pay attention throughout each clip and click the mouse button each and every time you see something you perceive to be a developing hazard.

How many points is each Hazard Perception clip worth?

Each scorable hazard is worth up to 5 points. The better your timing the higher your mark will be (between 1 to 5). Remember, one of the clips will have two scorable hazards so one of the clips will be worth 10 points.

When should I click in the Hazard Perception Test?

During the Hazard Perception Test, you must click the mouse button as soon as you see a hazard developing that would require you to take action, for example changing speed, road position or direction. The earlier you spot the developing hazard and respond, the higher you will score (up to a maximum of five points per clip).



  1. I have been drivimg for 45 years – 40 years driving motorbikes. I am taking my PCV licence and I am incensed by the hazard perception test. I have just done another practice test and scored quite low. On reviewing the clips I found on three occasions I had identified the hazard earlier than the 5 allocated points – that should not happen! I failed the official test by 1 point and have to sit it again. I was disqualified from one clip for apparantly clicking too often but there were a lot of potential hazards. With my driving experience I think I recognise a hazard when I see one! This test is quite simply haphazard!!!
    It is basically a game of chance and should be made more understandable. How many clicks can you have?


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