The weather could soon be part of the information gathered by your black box device to build a picture of how safe your driving is. Using data from The Weather Company, new technology will create a “scoring algorithm” based on the weather you drive in.

“By integrating weather, we’re able to digest real-time information on road conditions and get a better view of driving habits.” “’Drivers with good scores based on this algorithm are rewarded with discounted quotes from a number of insurers, which they can choose to accept at their discretion.” – Fabio Sbianchi, of Octo Telematics.

Black boxes are already common amongst young drivers looking for a lower insurance deal – they track a drivers habits on the road, including braking and acceleration and speed, and from that information determine if you’re a low or high risk driver. As the chances of having an accident are higher when the weather is bad, driving in such conditions could suggest you’re a higher-risk driver to insure.

But whilst drivers may be able to control their driving habits; they are not able to control the great British weather. You could end up penalised for being caught out in the snow even if the sky was clear when you left the house!


  1. Are you kidding me. People of england are skint already due to charges of frickin living now we are charged to drive in a country that has rain 90% of the year

  2. what a load crap, they must look at motorists and think up the easist way to mug us off. in a country that is known for rain for roughly half the year this is clearly a money grabbing oppurtinty that will likely go ahead as we the public wont kick off and tell them what for…


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