Many bikers cite that the reason for their enjoyment of motorcycling is the freedom it gives them. This freedom is not necessarily the ability to put many miles from home (and the other half) but the mental space that is created. Riding through the country side with its sounds and smells and tight corners can present many hazards, but in concentrating fully in what is occurring around you other daily pressures can be forgotten.

Biking in the country

When riding through the countryside it is important to relax as much as possible. No one likes to be manhandled and held in a vice like grip and motorbikes are no different. Most bikes are more competent than the rider so take advantage of this fact and do not fight it.

Taking in information and making appropriate use of it will help inspire your confidence. Do not stare at the ground but instead look as far as you can and scan the horizon. Take in Mothers Nature’s delights who will in turn reward with you lots of important information that will give you much more time to react to hazards. A large increasing amount of sheep droppings may for example be a good indication of a friendly flock waiting round the corner.

Ride at a pace that this information is received in good time but not too slow that it becomes boring which may cause you to switch off. Ensure that the information you do receive affects the position you are riding in.

In tight single lane country roads always include the braking distance not only for you but the possible car coming the other way.



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